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We've busted out the saws and hammers!

That's right! We're fixing some things around here this week. So be aware that some things may not seem 100% for very short periods of time. There's some things listed below to serve as examples of what you might see, and how long to expect to wait. With that being said, all of these issue should be fixed by Friday Night (Nov/12/2013).


*Missing pictures (should be fixed within seconds)


*No product options on 1 product. (as we go product by product this can take up to 5 minutes)


*Too many Product options. (Same as above)


*Things being priced differently than the prior day/hour/minute. (most items are getting cheaper, and the things that are going up in price is by a max of 4 dollars)

Once again, all of this will be done by Friday. Cheers!

Sam Dean

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